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Here you will find photographs, hobby stuff, and anything else I can think of.   Enjoy!   You may click on the links below for more information

Wargaming in Miniature  One of my favorite hobbies is using miniatures to refight real and fictitious battles throughout history.   My collection includes extensive armies in 6mm for the American Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars, 15mm Wars of the Roses and the American Revolution, and 28mm Colonial Wars, including the Indian Mutiny.  I also have large collections of 12mm and 15mm World War II, and 15mm World War I.

The Theater     I occasionally perform in local community theater in the south San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in Santa Clara County.  To see photographs, current theater projects, and my theatrical resume, click here

WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING:  By day, I am an estate planning attorney in San Jose, California.   You can go that my law website by using this link:  My Law Practice Website

I also have an information website that has informative articles.  You can visit that website by using this link: Visit Information website:

Additionally, I offer a living trust seminar that can be attended in my office, viewed online, downloaded and viewed on your own computer, or ordered on a CD, by visiting this link: Living Trust Seminar Website

Photo Galleries:  Here you will find links to photographs of all kinds, including my family, pets, theater, my 30th high school reunion, wargaming, and a special page on my parents.

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