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Here are some photos from a number of shows that I have done over the years.

As time goes on, I will be adding scanned images from shows going back as much as far as 1975.

Die Fledermaus
Mission City Opera, 2003

(appeared as Gabriel Eisenstein)

Rosalinde (Susanna Uher) pretends to admire
the watch of Eisenstein (Bob Bergman)

Count Orlovsky encourages the fake Marquis
 (Bob Bergman as Eisenstein)
to meet his "fellow French countryman,"
the fake Chevalier (Andrew White as Warden Frank)

The "Marquis" (Bob Bergman as Eisenstein) flirts outrageously
with his own chambermaid, Ida (Nova Dague)

The Cast of Die Fledermaus


It's Your Year, Charlie Brown
Charles M. Schulz Museum, 2002
(appeared as Charlie Brown)

A Special Peanuts Presentation

On August 16th, 2002, I had the privilege of performing at the opening of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, along with six other very talented individuals.   We did a selection of musical numbers based on various characters from the PEANUTS cartoon strip.   Here are some pictures of our performance.

 Charlie Brown expresses his frustration about trying
to pitch a baseball game in "Play Ball" 

 Charlie Brown winds up to pitch before the other team
hits their ninth home run in a row in "Play Ball" 

  blewyear.jpg (112912 bytes)  20_linuscb.jpg (97261 bytes)  badatall.jpg (108209 bytes) 
Charlie Brown and Linus (Tim Reynolds) discuss the past year, while Snoopy (Ron Packard) rests on his doghouse (thumbnails)

10years.jpg (99982 bytes) 
Charlie Brown informs Snoopy that the new freeway about to go through his doghouse won't be built for another 10 years (thumbnail)

 The cast contemplates what the new year
holds in store for them in "This Year."

From left to right, Tim Reynolds as Linus, Karen deHart as Sally, Bob Bergman as Charlie Brown, Ron Packard as Snoopy, Geri Carlson-Sauls as Peppermint Patty, Molly Carter as Lucy, and Keith Pennings as Schroeder.

Lucy encourages about how in the new year, he can make "all new mistakes."  Snoopy rests on his doghouse in the background. 

Linus and Lucy sing about brothers and sisters being close,
Charlie Brown and Sally echo the sentiment in "Now." 

he Gypsy Baron)
Lyric Theatre, 2002
(appeared as Kalma Zsupan)

Zsupan with his daughter Arsena

Zsupan after he returns from the war with Spain

Zsupan singing about himself as the "King of the Swine"

Lend Me a Tenor
Sunnyvale Community Players, 2001
(appeared as Tito Merelli - thumbnails)

lmat01.jpg (132326 bytes) lmat02.jpg (133894 bytes) lmat03.jpg (143312 bytes) lmat04.jpg (117743 bytes) 

lmat05.jpg (165986 bytes) lmat06.jpg (135115 bytes) lmat07.jpg (132913 bytes) ick.jpg (32991 bytes)

Cast Photo (rehearsal, 8/19/2001)

CASTSHOT1.jpg (137661 bytes)

Stanford Savoyards, 2001
(appeared as Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - thumbnails)

   rudd209.jpg (63517 bytes) rudd208.jpg (62919 bytes)
"When the Night Wind Howls"

rudd206.jpg (64758 bytes)   
"Painted Emblems"
rudd210.jpg (61201 bytes)
Sir Roderick with his nephew, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (Mark Blattel)

The Sorcerer
Stanford Savoyards, 1995
(appeared as John Wellington Wells)

"My Name is John Wellington Wells" (Part One)

"My Name is John Wellington Wells" (Part Two)

The Incantation Scene

Wells pleads with Arimanes to be spared

Wells pleads with Arimanes to be spared

Il Camponello (The Night Bell)
Lyric Theatre, 1995
(appeared as Enrico

Stanford Savoyards, 1993
(appeared as Lord Tolloler)

Discussions with the Lord Chancellor

"Spurn not the nobly born!"

Private Willis, Phyllis, Lord Mountararat and Lord Tolloler (me)

Die Fledermaus
Lyric Theatre, 1993
(appeared as Gabriel Eisenstein)


The Gondoliers
Lyric Theatre, 1993
(appeared as Marco Palmieri)


Valley Christian Theater, 1992
(appeared as Mr. Tumnus)

This was one of the most difficult roles physically that I have ever played.   Besides wearing a tightly curled black wig and red body makeup every show, I wore "hoof-shoes" which consisted of a pair of tennis shoes attached to a pair of solid steel sheets bent up like a high-heeled shoe, but with no heel.   Hooves were then built around the shoes and, when combined with hairy paints to simulate my lower "goat half" of my body, looked like I had goat hooves for feet.   They were, however, a real (literal) pain to walk on, because I had to balance on my toes when walking, etc., with no heel support at all.

Guys and Dolls
Sunnyvale Community Players, 1986
(appeared as Society Max - lower right)

The Man of La Mancha
West Valley Light Opera Association, 1983
(appeared as Sancho Panza)

West Valley Light Opera Association, 1980
(appeared as Curly McLain)




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