The following pictures are from an Indian Mutiny Game presented at the Kublacon Convention (San Francisco Bay Area) in 2010.   All players on the British side, with the sepoy mutineers, Afghan mercenary allies, Indian princes' troops and local bazaar badmashes ("riff-raff")  on the other side.

The mutineers have surrounded the British residency at the fictitious town of Baba Ram, where a mixed force of Highlanders, 60th Regiment (King's Royal Rifle Corps), Gurkhas, and East India Company European troops are defending.

Area movement is used.

The Residency compound before the assault.  The Gurkhas will be manning the closest wall, with the 60th Rifles to the right, and the 1st Bengal Fusiliers (Neill's Blue Caps) to the left,
and the 78th Highlanders manning the opposite wall.

Lord Bumblebottom, commanding the garrison,
inspects the Gurkha positions.

An assault by troops of Oudh on the strong 78th Highlander position.

One of two British artillery pieces waits for the assault.

Afghans assault the Highland and 1st Bengal Fusiliers positions.

A sepoy regiment and and Afghan clan assault the 1st Bengal Fusiliers positions.   The Fusiliers were pushed back, but later rallied and took back their original position.

A surge by several mutineer units and Afghan clans sweeps over the Gurkha positions, forcing them back.   The building with the British flag houses the women of the garrison, who must be protected at all costs.  A counter-charge by the Gurkhas with support from the 60th Rifles restored the position and beat back the attack.



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