"One Day Napoleonic's Campaign"
Grand Tactical/Strategic Napoleonic Wars Rules

These rules are designed to play entire campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.   Based on the "Snappy Nappy" rules of Russ Lockwood as described in MWAN (the  Midwest Wargamer's Association Newsletter), they have been extensively redesigned and reworked to give the ability to fight a campaign in a single 8-10 hour day of gaming.

Standard basing permits the usage of many popular Napoleonics rules basing schemes.  Infantry units represent about 3000 to 4000 infantry, cavalry units represent about 1000 cavalry, and individual artillery units represent 24 to 30 cannon of the appropriate type.  These rules have been extensively played and playtested, and are free for your approval.   The file provides the rules, counter sheets that can be printed and mounted on cardboard to try the rules out before investing in figures, counters for orders and morale levels, and templates for infantry, cavalry and artillery rosters.  It is recommended that you use highlighters or colored pencils to color the counters the appropriate color (e.g. blue, red, yellow, etc.) as set forth in the rules.

As an alternative to using counters for morale levels, I have found that the plastic infantry figures from a Risk game are a good alternative.  Simply mount them on pennies or a 1/2" counter, and put one behind or next to the command stand of a unit to mark its morale state.    A Risk game from Parker Brothers has the necessary blue, yellow, and red infantry figures for those morale levels.    I generally use a green mounted figure to represent the "Bold" morale level.

IMPORTANT:    The .pdf file of these rules contains errors.    For the corrected version, download the Word 7.0 file or the Word 6.0 file.   (corrections were made to the values for Fire and Melee for various morale states, which conflicted between the text of the rules, the charts, and the provided counters)

"One Day Napoleonic's Campaign" (Adobe file)

Optional Rules for "One Day Napoleonic's Campaign  (Adobe file)

Download Word 7.0 file of "One Day Napoleonic's Campaign"

Download Word 6.0 file of "One Day Napoleonic's Campaign"

Order of Battle for the Waterloo Campaign:   (Note:   this order of battle assumes that the campaign is played out historically.   As such it has various units of the French Army attached to other formations, as they were historically.)

Waterloo Campaign Order of Battle (Word document)
Waterloo Order of Battle (.pdf file)
(revised September,  2004)

Order of Battle for the Battle of Borodino:  (Note:   the original Order of Battle I posted contained some errors, the most prominent being giving the French First Infantry Corps four infantry divisions and a heavy field artillery battalion which were actually the French Second Infantry Corps.   Other adjustments have been made to the order of battle for both armies)

Order of Battle - Borodino (Word Document)


    There is now a new Yahoo group dedicated to the One Day Napoleonic's Campaign rules.     I will be posting rules, scenarios, etc. on that site on a regular basis.   Here is the URL is you wish to join.


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